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Saturn 2001

Saturn at 4:10 a.m. EDT on October 19, 2001. The top of the planet is visible through the Cassini division in the rings. The faint Crepe ring is also visible.

Astro-Physics 155mm (6.1 inch) refractor. I was testing a new SBIG STV autoguider and taking some test deep-sky images when I noticed that the seeing had become excellent and that Saturn was high overhead. I connected the STV to my telescope through a 3X barlow and took several monochrome images. Then I shot several color images on my hypersensitized test film (Kodak PJ-400) using eyepiece projection at about f100. I combined the two sets of images in Photoshop to produce this sharp view of Saturn. Photographed from northern New Jersey. 2001

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